Samuel and Robert share tips about how best to use A/B tests for UX.

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Samuel cares about Robert, but Robert is all business

Other people care about us too!

Crushing SERP Dopplegangers vs Living in their shadow

Do we endeavor to make podcast history? (Spoiler: We don’t)

Announcing the topic!

The pronunciation of bouillabaisse

Pranks for digital natives

The difference between A/B testing, split testing, and multivariate testing

More bouillabaisse breakdown

A radical shift to the episode format?

What defines a significant split test?

Samuel cautions against boiling the A/B ocean

How you can align A/B testing with your users’ success

Things that are like jazz (e.g. this podcast)

The ins & outs of hypotheses

On the segmenting & cohort-ing of test subjects

Robert Graham: The People’s Champion

Samuel gets controversial with a “controversial do”

A brief history of the hill climbing metaphor & local maxima

Out comes The Hot Seat™!!

Hilbert: A star is born

Robert advises not to throw the baby out with the bathwater

Samuel questions whether the bathwater even needs to be thrown out in the first place

On measuring and inspiration and the relation thereof

Radical format change: The Tomb of the Unknown Tip!

User Onboarding: the perfect place for A/B suckers

Samuel gets his science tips from children’s television

PBS, Dinosaurs, and a Hypothesis