Samuel and Robert talk Knowledge Center tips with our inaugural guest, Jeff Vincent of Wistia.

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Samuel regrets to inform you we are back.

Jeff Vincent, Head of Customer Success at Wistia, joins us.

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Jeff defines Knowledge Centering

Tips arrive.

Robert nails it. Battleships are sunk.

How can you force people to look at your documentation?

Apparently, we like search.

Jeff delivers a killer way to unlock customer language.

Samuel asks Jeff all the questions.

Samuel sinks a Battleship.

Learning Centers are not Knowledge Centers

Non-controversial Controversy is Instigated

Rage quit your computer

Intense Disagreement, Strife, No Documentation

Documentation as Marketing?

Wistia is awesome.

Resources of the Week:

Thinking with Type

Your Brain At Work

Teach the support team to fish

Mindful Asana

What is a whip-around?