Robert and Samuel go deep on how you can use surveys including tools, questions, biases, and sampling.

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Our top tools:

  1. Qualaroo

  2. Survey Monkey

  3. Wufoo

Samuel eventually rediscovered Microsoft Frontpage.

How do you pronounce Likert Scale?

Don NormanThe Design of Everyday Things

Rodeo AustinPorkchop Downs

Peter DruckerThe Essential Drucker

Shooting fish in a barrel

Selection Bias

Outback Steakhouse sucks, but blooming onions are delicious.

Hipmunk travel.

Garrett DimonUnderstanding Cancelations

Lincoln Murphy has great insights on customer success and SaaS.

Chris Dixon and rejection.

Conversion Rate Experts AND Sean Ellis“Golden Questions” that reveal exactly why your visitors aren’t converting

The Net Promoter Score is controversial.

Bob E. HayesMeasuring Customer Satisfaction