Robert and Samuel get into the best ways and methods to use Social Proof in your product.

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Robert Cialdini wrote a great book called Influence that you should read. Robert mistakenly called it ‘Persuasion’ which is a bit more Jane Austen.

Sam Solomon’s social sharing experiment.

Jesse Mecham has awesome budget software that Robert uses, YouNeedABudget.

Ramit Sethi wrote I Will Teach You To Be Rich and spoke at the first MicroConf.

Take Samuel’s explanations of phrase origins with a grain of salt.

Corbett Barr from The Fizzle and getting started with social proof and credibility.

Rand Fishkin is awesome. Check him out more over at Moz.

Ruben Gamez created and runs Bidsketch which helps anyone that needs to create proposals.

Buffer helps you share on social media platforms.