Samuel and Robert talk UX and Security because you asked for it, darn it.

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Play by Play

Cartoon dogs & the unique speech patterns thereof

This episode is a dance that Robert leads

A tale of Two-Factor (Auth)

Robert has a dandruff problem

Samuel makes you money

MailChimp seems to live their values

Super smooth segue™

A porch, cold ones, the sunset, and Passwords

The ultimate password: pizza, pizza, praying hands, crying, throw a chair

Tell us your password rules!

Samuel puts himself on The Hot Seat™

Public information makes for bad security questions

Robert’s wife hacked the cops!

Samuel has a funny story

Robert knows all about living a lie

Saying your crappy password out loud

Nightmare birth city names

Timing you out like a human

Robert uses Seinfeld as a human shield

Let people in for non-critical tasks!